Do you like sandwiches? Cause I do.

My name is Johnny Wheeler and you’ve had the misfortune of coming to my website where I plan on talking about my love for food, more specifically, my love for sandwiches. Ever since I was a little kid and I wasn’t able to afford anything else to eat other than cheap sandwiches, I became hooked for life on this amazing culinary construct. The construct in question being a sandwich. Poboys are a famous type of sandwich basically, from New Orleans, and that’s where I got the idea for this website. On my crazy quest to find delicious food, meaning delicious sandwiches, I’ve even flown across the pond, as they would say. I visited Europe, 5 countries in total, and one of the things that I made a priority was tasting sandwiches that various cities that I stayed in had to offer. Most notable was Split Croatia whose sandwiches are amazingly tasty. Oh, and sandwiches are not the only thing that this amazing city has to offer. There are many, many other interesting things that Split has to offer. I won’t go into much details about it here, but if you’re interested in what Split has to offer as a popular tourist destination – read the guide by SavoredJourneys. Should you find yourself in Munich, make sure to try their grilled bratwurst sandwiches, they are to die for.

Traveling Europe really made me appreciate sandwiches even more. Mainly because all the places that I visited had very expensive food, except for sandwiches, which can usually be found for a couple of dollars. Sandwiches really are God-given food if you are on a budget. Even keeping that in mind, people don’t seem to appreciate them as much as they should.

Sandwiches get a bad rap

When you think about it, sandwiches really do get a bad rap nowadays. I guess I’m on a mission to fix that. The first thing that irks me is that all those who like to eat sandwiches are deemed lazy asses who aren’t willing or capable of cooking actual proper meals. I mean that is definitely true for me, but come on, not everyone is like me. There are lots of people out there who are hardworking folks, really good cooks who love to eat sandwiches because they can be made quickly, and eaten during a half an hour lunch break at work.

There’s also those who don’t like sandwiches because they aren’t considered healthy. It’s fast food, which will cause you to gain weight, if they’re fried they have cholesterol, carbs, and whatnot. It seems like everything in this world has conspired against sandwiches. While it is true that technically speaking sandwiches are junk food, if you don’t overindulge in them, they shouldn’t be too much setback for your health. The same thing is true for everything that’s considered bad for your health when you think about it.

New Orleans po’boys Sandwiches, Johnnys favorite sandwiches

Let’s talk a little bit about what my favorite sandwich in the whole wide world is. Keep in mind that as of this summer I’ve traveled a good chunk of Europe, and I’ve seen my fair share of South America a few years back. It’s not like I haven’t seen the world. United States I’ve been up and down a couple of times already, and the absolute best sandwich that you can get for your money in all of those places that I mentioned would be the New Orleans po’boys sandwich.

Due to the fact that I love them so much, I named them Johnnys poboys. Version of poboys with friend shrimps is absolutely the best, although poboys made from roast beef are also not that far behind in my book. A poboy sandwich can be found in almost every sandwich shop and restaurant in New Orleans. This is basically a traditional Louisiana dish, a national heritage type of thing, only it’s a sandwich, which kinda makes sound less of a national heritage type of thing. Even for me who is someone who likes and defends to death the concept of a sandwich, as we’ve established already.

Sandwiches I tried on a Blue Cave tour from Split

As I previously mentioned, last summer I spent some wonderful time in Croatia. During my stay in Croatia, I spent a day on a boat tour to Blue Cave from Split. It’s a basically speedboat tour that gives you an ability to visit 5 beautiful Croatian islands in a single day. Tour duration is somewhere around 10 hours, during which I spent at least 3 hours chilling on the beach. I didn’t waste time, so I tried some nice sandwiches on each island we visited. Stay tuned, because I will talk about them in the upcoming weeks.

Learning how to make the perfect sandwich

Loving sandwiches can be viewed as a great stepping stone towards better things. I’ll be the bigger man here and admit that there are better things. For starters, recently I’ve been looking videos on YouTube that show how to make one of those fancy chef-level types of sandwiches. Things like pulled pork, smoked ham and lots of other things need to be prepared first and then rolled up into a sandwich.

So in a way due to loving sandwiches, I might actually start learning how to cook other “proper” meals. A sandwich doesn’t just have to be salami, cheese, gherkin, salad and other “off the shelf” ingredients stuffed between 2 pieces of bread. Oh no. There’s a ton of fancy sandwich recipes that will actually teach you how to cook. Those are not for the faint of heart, because you really do need to know your way around the kitchen in order to pull them off. One of my life goals of sorts is to achieve just that.

Stick around if you love sammiches!!!

If what I talked about here today made you drool. If you love sandwiches the way that I love them, then I suggest that you stick around. The plan for this website is to talk extensively about my favorite food, which are sandwiches if you didn’t know. I’ll probably talk about tasty food in general as well, but sammiches will be my main topic of choice most of the time. Where to eat good ones, which recipes you should try out, and hopefully you too will join my following of the sandwich, 😀 , cheers.